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Portable screen cleaner spray stand

Version up ! Screen Cleaning Spray with portable Stand     Portable screen cleaner spray Handy slim design light weight, easy to carry and easy to use combining cleaning formula with microfiber wipes. For all kinds of touch screen as like smart phone, tablet, digital camera, dmb, pmp, GPS and even for TV screens. This portable

microfiber suction mouse pad with screen cleaner

microfiber mouse pad screen cleaner

microfiber mouse pad screen cleaner Micro-suction mouse pad with microfiber screen cleaner : sticking-on any surface of thing as like?desk, computer, laptop, screen, keyboard and carrying it anywhere wit-h your gadgets. Used for mouse pad and ultra-thin?microfiber?screen cleaning cloth. Enable fold with?non-trace and?reusable repeatedly even washing it. Produce with Customer’s design?and package made from ultra-thin

Marketing Gift set HDMI cable & cleaning set

We make and supply marketing or promotional gift by oem based on customer’s specifications. All stuff of main item, sub item, package and it’s logo printing is our business with reliable quality. It’s not easy to keep up with the customer’s demands these days because of ?each customer has a great diversity of interest ,

microfiber screen cleaning grip

Clean your touch screen?with a cleaning grip !? Fingerprints on smartphone and tablet screens can’t be avoided; after all, you have to use your fingers to touch them and with our bodies secreting all sorts of oils, the prints are going to stick. But if a dirty screen is?pet peeve, the?Cleaning Grip,?should be able to