Armrest mouse pad for table and chair

armrest mouse pad

Armrest Mouse pad relaxed pain shoulder and muscle

The Arm Rest Mouse Pad is a simple plastic arm support with a detachable washable mouse pad.
You can attach it on the edge of a desk, or on the side of a chair.? Arm Rest?Mouse Pad is an ergonomic design to reduce aches and pains such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the wrist, arm, shoulder and neck areas caused by long-term use of computer and other repetitive movements. Each Arm stand can support up to 24lbs of weight effectively relieving 90% of the weight undertaken by your wrists. With its unique design, you can now move freely, comfortably and effortlessly to perform your computer tasks. This gadget can be used with or without the Mouse pad attachment.

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Got ‘Mouse Shoulder’? Computer users need arm support


?Padded arm
?Built-in mouse pad
?Durable powder coat paint
?Aluminum alloy construction
?Fits desks 3/8″ – 1 7/8″ thick
?Three pivot points and 2 adjustable hinges can be fine-tuned for ergonomic comfort 18″L at maximum extension.? Exclusive 3-D adjustment to best fit your need.

keeping with desk or chair.

Armrest Mouse pad relaxed pain shoulder and muscle.

Do you have Mouse Shoulder? It comes from frequent use of a computer mouse, which causes upper body strain. But the mouse is not the culprit. The problem is using a mouse without proper arm support.

A growing number of patients have Mouse Shoulder (aka tendonitis, the inflammation of the shoulder tendons), which sends pain radiating from the neck and shoulders down the arm and into the hand. Ice packs, modified activities and exercise to strengthen weakened muscles once inflammation subsides generally cures the problem.

There are simple ways to prevent and reduce computer-related repetitive strain injuries, change work habits and improve posture. Support your arm on a large surface or the arm of your chair if it’s level with your desk, or use a support device that allows you to keep your arm in a relaxed position.

armrest mouse pad.

armrest mouse pad.



Install on a desk, chair, table or other places where doing a job with mouse.