perfect safety light led armband

led alarm arm bend

led alarm arm bend

perfect safety light led armband

1) Unique design allows easy access to all functions without having to remove the skin

2) Lightweight, sporty, stylish unique design

3) Washable and easy to remove

4) Soft, comfortable, and adjustable strip armband

5) High soft nylon fabric durable material

6) This durable, lightweight armband case keeps your cell phone secure and protected

7) With LED light, press the button then it?turn on and sparkle

LED Safety light Arm Bend

LED Safety light Arm Bend

perfect safety light led armband with Water-proof, Safety led light Arm bend for Smartphones / Tablet / Mobile Devices

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IMAGE_LiveItNexus-com-iPod-Armband2_wideMaterial: PU + neoprene+pvc, black water-proof belt, blue lattice plane, 6 LED white light belt, ellipse switch, arm phone bag

  • Length: 44-52cm Size: customized Weight: 80 gram LED
  • color: 6 colours (red/yellow/orange/blue/green) are available Flashing
  • Flashing Mode: Quickly Flashing / slowly Flashing/Lighten up (controlled by the button)
  • LOGO: Customized with your own Logo
  • Battery: Driver operated by 2 CR2032 lithium batteries
  • Battery life: The 3V&230mAh battery can last for 60 hours for long lighting and 80 hours for flashing on and can be replaced. CE, RoHS, EN471 passed, water proof, washing is enable when pull out of whole electric parts





  • Cool Flashing LED Light
  • Enjoy music while jogging, running,biking inside or outside work out with safety guarantee
  • Provides complete protection for your device
  • Designed with key bag and holes for earphone cable
  • Adjustable velcro band lets you adjust your arm band for most comfort
  • Unique design allows easy access to all functions without removing from arm
  • Party, celebration,outdoor sports, bar, club
  • Flashing LED and Reflection Material

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