bracelet wrist usb cable

wrist bend usb green

?bracelet wrist usb cable

Magnetic USB Cable for 8pin,5pin,30pin

Magnetic USB Cable for 8pin,5pin,30pin

?bracelet wrist usb cable

Fancy color and nice flat design to avoid?tangled in your pocket or bag inside.? This cable could be used for fashion item?as a wrist bend


Connector type : micro usb?5pin, , lightning 8pin?and?can be?supplied conversion adapter for Micro usb?to 8pin, 8pin?to 30pin?or Micro usb?to 30 pin whatever customer want.?This is a?Flat USB 2.0 SYNC and Charge cable. Due to the cable being a 2.0 USB cable it lets any iPod or iPhone user to transfer data up to 480 Mbps.


It works very simply by plugging one end of the cable into the USB port of your PC or Mac computer and the device?. Once plugged in it starts to charge and sync data with your device immediately . Due to the cable being Plug & Play it will also appear in your removable drive?. my computer if you are using a PC or Laptop and if you are using a Mac it will appear on your ‘desktop . This way you are able to transfer files from device to device.