Power bank


?Power bank


?Power bank

We live in a constantly moving world in which mobile devices are our windows to social media, the internet and entertainment resources. The only problem is that those mobile devices don’t have an unending battery supply. When they die, so does your handheld communication. How many times have you been stuck with a dead phone or tablet with no charging cable? A portable battery pack is the on-the-go solution for those moments when you need a quick charge.

small size battery pack


External Battery Packs: What to Look For

External battery packs come in all different shapes and sizes, with different features and functionality options. We recommend?with a list of some key points to consider when you look for a mobile battery pack specific to your needs: functionality, charging features, commercially, business purpose?and ease of use.

Business Purpose (for Promotional gift) Large capacity over 5,000mA is not?so suitable much for a promotional gift you know as well?by cost efficiency. In this case, we recommend less than 3,000mA power pack that is most efficient with your limited budget but power pack is a gadget for a very useful promotional item.


Type:? portable power bank
Battery: 2200mah li-ion battery? (Recycling time:≥500times)
Input: 5V? 800mA
Self charging time:3-4 hours
Output: 5V 1000mA