USB CABLE KIT Miniature handbag usb cable



?USB CABLE KIT Lovely lady’s handbag shaped USB cable, delicate, light weight,?tiny?size

  • 2 in 1 design, 3 connectors, one USB connector, one 30 pin connector and one lightning 8 pin connector or Micro usb 5pin
  • ?Micro usb 5pin, Apple 30 pin, Apple?Lightning 8 pin
  • With just one USB cable, you can charge almost all your Apple devices, save your space and money
  • Connect it to the USB power adapter or USB port of computer for charging
  • You can also use it for data syncing through this cute cable
  • Compact design, the connectors are hidden in the body, easy to carry on the go
  • Total Length: approx. 15.5cm
  • customer’s color and logo imprinting