silicone ice trays

Ice Trays

  Ice Trays Seasonal gift “Silicone Ice Tray” is a very popular products as a marketing / promotional by the people in charge of sales in many enterprise. There are several reasons why this is preferable item. The first reason is “budgetary satisfaction“. The second should be “very useful” not only for housewife but also

iPhone Egg Stand amplifier

Charging Plate for mobile devices

Charging Plate for mobile devices for marketing promotional items, Best item for promotional gifts customer’s logo, colors, package. oem production customer’s design? . Best marketing promotional gift items?with customer’s logo, colors and package       Inquiry

Hug Hanging Holder

Hug Hanging Holder Smartphone-Hug Silicone Flexible Hanging Holder?is a holder with flexible arms that is able to keep a smartphone in place within itself. At the top of the holder is a nifty hook where you can hang it on a pair of jeans or together with a bunch of clothes on a rod or