Waterproof Bluetooth mini speaker handsfree

Waterproof Bluetooth mini speaker handsfree Waterproof Bluetooth mini speaker handsfree 1. Lightweight and portable design 2. Hands-free support 3. Easy-to-use controls for music playback and answering phone calls 4. Built-in crystal clear quality Mic 5. Streams music from any Bluetooth enabled device 6.Use high-fidelity 45mm diameter full range magnetically shielded speaker unit with surging bass

Picnic blanket speaker

  Picnic blanket speaker Picnic Blanket Speaker is a blanket with a built-in stereo speakers that make your outdoor picnic more enjoyable. The blanket speakers powered by  4 X AA batteries and connected with 3.5mm standard?stereo plug. This is very convenient and handy products for an outdoor life. Material: Polyester Fleece Size: 48” W x

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Folding mini Chair

Folding mini Chair for camping,Hiking, Trekking and all outdoor activities OEM Manufacturing with customer’s design, materials and packaging.  This cute and useful product is very strong and ultra light weight plus handy size (frame made from Duralumin Alloy) that make easy carry to anywhere in your backpack, belt, hands. Customer’s size and design is available

fleece blanket

Polar fleece camping blanket

Polar fleece camping blanket Take this Polar fleece camping blanket to the Sport and Camping or anywhere and you’ll be glad you did! It bundles nicely for easy stowing and portability (think backpacking, camping, hiking) While it is also the perfect accessory for those chilly fall and winter nights. The tight-knit fleece will keep you

folding outdoor chairs

folding outdoor chairs. Mini, Small , Medium and Large Size Chair, Table, Bed and?Functional Portable and Folable Hardened ?Aluminium Body with light weight and durable ?Strength Customer’s Logo / Customer’s Packages / Customer’s materials Size,Design and Material can be changed to Customer’s Design Vacation, Outdoor Activity, Fishing, Swimming, Climbing ?Camping, Picnic, Garden Party