power bank portable charger

  power bank portable charger 5,600ma 1A portable power pack Compatible for Samsung Galaxy phones and most other smart phones LED Power Indicator LED Torch Big LOGO Area Features: Output1 5.0V 1000mA Standby time: 240 hours Size: 92* 46* 24 mm Weight about 115 g  

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power bank portable charger

Refer earlier post  external battery pack  cusvin.com/?p=624 power bank portable charger   This battery pack has features?that?substantiality?on primarily functions?as an emergency power pack for your mobile device. Specification : Capacity : 1500mA Battery : Lithium polymer Input : 5V / 1A Output : 5V / 1A inspite of  compact & portable size, this power pack has

power bank wifi router

  Refer earlier post ?”external battery pack 3″? http://cusvin.com/?p=595 power bank wifi router (network inlet by ?3G Cellular & wired?network)   We have introduced several battery packs on our earlier post. There?was normal battery pack and?special battery pack that has added function on it.?Now, we would like to introduce very special battery pack (“wi-fi router”

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Power Pond Power bank

Power Pond Power bank UV light Specification Type: Normal power bank Cell type: Li-ion Capacity:3000mAh Input:5V 500mA Output:5V 1500mA Output1 Charging speed for mobile 1500mA/h Input charging time:4-5 hours Iphone charged :more than 1.4 time Dimension: L101*W27*H26mm Weight:80±3g over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit protection         Look at this. “Power Pond” is a

power bank stick

?power bank stick Refer earlier post ?”external battery pack 1″??? http://cusvin.com/?p=572     power bank stick?part 2 😕 As the second post of power bank stick, we introduce you a?higher capacity output current and?very efficient for advertisements your promotions event. This is Stick battery pack. below is the basic specifications of this gadget. Type:? portable