USB Vaporizer for Mosquito Mat

USB Vaporizer for Mosquito Mat

  USB Vaporizer for Mosquito Mat USB Mosquito Killer Input:DC5V/1.0A Product Dimension:186*42*17 Operating Temperature:125℃±20℃ Color:Grey,Green,Blue,Pink This product use electronic constant temperature PCT heating element.The temperature is stable,can ensure that the mosquito repellent incense medicine even volatilization. This product uses high temperature fireproof material,that is convenient,durable,safe and power saving. Innovative product design.easy to carry.It is the

customized USB DISK DRIVE

USB Flash disk – Custom design

USB Flash disk customized design and logo pritning with special packages as a marketing gift


Waterproof bag with headphone jack

Waterproof bag with headphone jack We can control all functions when put?devices in?Waterproof bag as like touching, phone call, texting, taking a?photos?and listening music but we need more to enjoy a perfect listening our favorite music, so we add standard 3.5mm stereo jack to enjoy a music and YouTube with your?headset. it does not matter

folding mini chair

Folding mini Chair

Folding mini Chair for camping,Hiking, Trekking and all outdoor activities OEM Manufacturing with customer’s design, materials and packaging.  This cute and useful product is very strong and ultra light weight plus handy size (frame made from Duralumin Alloy) that make easy carry to anywhere in your backpack, belt, hands. Customer’s size and design is available

Key chain usb cable

Key chain usb cable with strap that easy and convenient? to use with your smart phone and tablet at any where you are. Key chain USB cable with strap for power charging and?data sync. Extremely portable key chain design, attached directly on your key ring with the rest of your keys, very convenient to carry.