2020 Car Wireless Charger



Powerbank Wireless Charger Fast charging 13800mAh


  2COIL WOODEN WIRELESS CHARGER  2COIL WOODEN WIRELESS CHARGER  for Phone Wireless Charger,Fast Wireless Charger, 2-coil Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X Samsung Note8 S8 S8+ S7 S7 Edge(NO AC Adapter) Wireless Charger Wooden/Bamboo Qi Charging Pad Ultra Slim & Eco-Friendly Universal Newest Model for iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus [...]


ROUND WIRELESS CHARGER ROUND WIRELESS CHARGER is a SIMPLE AND MINI SIZE WIRELESS CHARGER FOR Android & iPhone Series. WPC Qi compliant wireless charger allows to charge for Nokia 920 Nexus 4/5/7 HTC 8X and so on. Adopts smart identification system while its transmitter and receiver unit adopts UART (Universal asynchronous receiver/ transmitter) encrypted transmission control [...]

Dual Wireless Charging Pad

Dual Wireless Charging Pad Dual Wireless Charging pad for Mobile Phones is a flatbed charging pad which can charge two devices simultaneously. Dual Wireless Charger  Dual Wireless Charger  Dual Wireless Charger  Dual Wireless Charger Features Charges two mobile phones at the same time. Thin, compact, flatbed design. Easy to use, simply place your device to [...]

Fast Charging Wireless Charger

Fast Wireless ChargerQI Standard fast Wireless Charger Coil Receiver Module Pad 1000MmA For SamsungS6/S6 edge/Note5/S7/S7 edge/Note7 Working Power: 10W Charging voltage: 9V Charging Current: 1000mAh Working Distance: 5mm Size 85*85*113mm Charging Efficiency: ≥70% Total Packing Weight: 180g Feature: 10W high power qi standard fast charging wireless charger, just 2 hours to be full of charging [...]

Wood Wireless Charger

Wood Wireless Charger    Wood Wireless ChargerWood Wireless Charger is an Eco-friendly QI standard wireless charger  that has Short-circuit protection of the receiver to avoid overcharge & overheating, secure and reliable electric safety. Ultra thin, light weight, portable and convenient for using at home, office and during travel. Wireless charging standard: Qi standard Input 5V, [...]

QI Wireless charger mini docking station for Smart Watch

Smart Watch QI standard wireless charger  QI Wireless charger mini docking station for Smart WatchProduct introduction 1. This QI standard wireless charger is an intelligent product, with simple design and compatible specially with Samsung Gear S2 , Moto 360 and others 2. You can use this product to charge your smart watch without plug, which [...]